Variety of reports as a way to increase delivery efficiency

In this article we will discuss how these tools contribute to making logistics transparent, manageable and quick operational decisions for logisticians and managers


These days, just TMS systems are hardly of any interest to anyone - there are too many tasks and challenges that businesses have to deal with. Therefore, advanced services to improve logistics create various tools that multiply their efficiency and enable their customers to close as many needs as possible. In this context, let's discuss the different types of reports for logisticians and managers that make deliveries more transparent, manageable and enable quick operational decisions.

We have 11 types of reports in app.relog:

  • Order Analysis;
  • Geofence Analysis;
  • Advanced Driver Comparison;
  • Product Analysis;
  • Rejected Order Analysis;
  • General Rejected Order Analysis;
  • Percentage Order Analysis;
  • Loading List;
  • Service Analysis;
  • Driver In-Depth Analysis;
  • Crew Analysis.

The top 3 reports that are popular with customers include:

  • Order Analysis;
  • Advanced Driver Comparison;
  • Rejected Order Analysis.

Order Analysis. With it it is possible for any specific period (day, week, month, year) to see what goods the company delivered to customers, the quantity, at what cost.

The report further shows when the driver left, the estimated time of delivery and the actual execution time of the order, how many kilometers he/she drove, the weight of the goods loaded in the car, as well as its utilization. For instance, a car holds 2,500 tons and is only loaded with 300 kilograms - a signal to reconsider the efficiency of transport use.

Plus, this report shows partially delivered goods, if there were any. When a driver or dispatcher makes any comments on the orders, they are also visible in the document.

And another important option. Many companies have errors in their delivery addresses - the dispatcher missed something, or there are two streets in town with the same name - and when they are corrected in Relog, the edit is automatically reflected in the report and the correct geo-referencing may be uploaded to 1C from there.

Thereby it is possible to monitor the efficiency of drivers, manage their workload and coordinate it with the warehouse. METRO Cash & Carry works with order analysis every day

Advanced Driver Comparison. RG Brands, the beverages of which are known to millions of consumers in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, is the official partner of PepsiCo International and Pepsi Lipton International in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, uses this report on a daily basis in Kazakhstan.

This report may filter any desired time interval. Whereas the order analysis contains information on the kilometrage for each outlet, and to understand the total distance of couriers all need to summarize, the Advanced Driver Comparison report provides information on the planned distance of each driver, and what the actual distance is. The report also indicates the number of unique addresses visited by drivers. Using the example of one working day of the driver of RG Brands let's say: one outlet (supermarket) accepts 20 orders out of 71, but physically the driver went to 32 outlets. This information is valuable for route planning and fuel costs. The report also indicates vehicle utilization.

Rejected Order Analysis. This report is actively used by our Moscow customer, ShinSale, and shows not only the number of items not accepted by customers, but also the reasons for that, based on the comments sent by customers. It might be that the customer had no money and refused to buy, or the warehouse incorrectly formed an order, so the buyer did not accept it. The report also shows the number of orders per driver, time spent on each order, delayed or timely delivery to the customer. Such transparency is important for the company's business process.


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