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Using Relog software as an example, we will discuss the importance of customer satisfaction in delivery services as well as the advantages of a TMS to improve quality of service, and therefore profitability


As delivery increasingly becomes the only point of contact for clients with brands offline, an impeccable delivery experience is now just as important as having an outstanding product. Companies in all industries, and especially those working in B2C field, such as online stores, should adapt to this new, client-oriented reality if they want to remain viable in the long term.

In logistics operations, shippers and third-party logistics providers (3PL) using performance data, driver activity reports, SMS, and email newsletters in TMS, discover that the software can guarantee a return on investment (ROI) due to improved client service.

In this article, we will talk about the client service importance in the field of delivery, TMS advantages as a way to improve service quality, and therefore profitability, using example of Relog software.

In the Relog routing program, the client service is mainly carried out via SMS and e-mail. This module allows companies that provide courier services to show the client a delivery stage at the moment. In this way, a transparency increases for the client, he/she sees every delivery stage. There are six such stages in total:

1) Checkout - a message that is sent to the client when placing an order.

2) Driver assignment - a message that is sent to the client on designated driver.

3) Driver departure - a message that is sent to the client when driver leaves.

4) Driver arrival - a message that is sent to the client upon driver's arrival.

5) Delivery confirmation - a message that contains a code to confirm delivery.

6) Review and quality assessment - a message that contains a link for driver's assessment and review.

Messages can be customized, there can be your logo, selling text or text greeting the client, your colors. Message contains a link that takes client to the browser page for tracking and reviews. That is, there is no need to download any additional application, and to remember password or login of personal account. This is just a message with a link that you receive by email or SMS, you can configure two options at once.

Such a scheme allows to solve a lot of issues. For example, client will not forget that the driver on his way; issues of meeting and transfer of goods are resolved in the case if the driver/courier is parked on one side of the street/house, and the client is waiting on the other side; calls with questions like "Where is my order?" and "When will it be delivered?" are excluded. All these details are simplified and automated.

A notification with a link is sent after successful delivery, following which the client can evaluate order and driver's work on a 5-point scale, leave a review, attach a photo of damaged goods, opened packaging, etc.

This option allows to save a lot on calls to clients and, to a large extent, automate the feedback system. Perhaps the driver was late or order came in a non-marketable state. In this case, you will know that it was a bad delivery based on the client's feedback, and you will be able to quickly contact and change the situation for the better, for example, by offering a bonus option. Therefore, you will maintain his loyalty by taking timely measures.

In the Relog program, order will not be closed until the client tells the driver combination of numbers specified by him/her and sent as SMS. So, you can specify a certain combination for both good delivery and bad service. Driver will not be able to complete the order until the client says this combination. This guarantees the client's feedback on delivery quality, even if the client forgot or did not want to give an assessment.

Showing respect, sending apologies, admitting mistakes, and solving problems quickly - ensures good client service. Improving efficiency, such as in the return and incoming delivery processes, will speed up operations and delivery to help you meet the needs of time-sensitive clients. External client focus, giving them priority, helps ensure that clients will feel valued and want to continue working with your company.


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